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Cadabear plushie

The Cadabear plushie would be a part of our
"Buy a Cadabear, Give a Cadabear" program.
Part of the NFT sales would be used to give plushies, art materials, and foods to kids.


flipcard + gif test mints

Interactive Card

You can now test the Cadabear NFT flip card here!

On PC: Hover to flip.
On mobile: tap card to flip, tap elsewhere to unflip.

If the back part does not appear, refresh the site.

nft giveaway winners:

What's a Cadabear?

They are collectible animated pixel art teddy bear NFTs on Cardano, also known as CNFTs.

Co-created with Anim8Bits. Each Cadabear has its own tragic back story on how they became a Cadabear. They were once playmates to kids before they got lost or abandoned.

"We were having a lovely day at the park when her daddy hurriedly fetched Ada cause it's already raining. I thought Mr. Byron was gonna come back for me right away... But he never did. I miss Ada".

Augustus Bear

"Leonardo was really good at the arts. He was studying about it in Florence and I was left in his home in Vinci. I tried studying arts too, it was a few years of waiting he sent me a letter saying he will come home and see my artworks. He never came home from Amboise."

Leo Bear


-Augustus bear-



Tap on a card to get to know a bear!
(Numbers below cards are quantity of minted NFTs)


Bull:5 Angel:6 Devil:7 Amethyst:8 Gold:9


Fire:10 Mage:11 Pirate:12 Clown:13 Silver:14


Ocean:15 Artist:16 Zombie:17 Brown:18 Bronze:19


Acid:20 Doctor:22 Farmer:24 Scientist:26 Ghost:28


Candy:30 Burnt:35 Mummy:40 Frozen:45 Chef:50

bear names

We are currently on number 8!

500-pair CNFT bears adopted!

All sent to new homes (1 interactive flipcard + 1 animated gif).

Secondary market sales (cnft.io)


"Buy a Cadabear, Give a Cadabear" program

Part of the NFT sales would be used to give Cadabear plushies + art materials + foods to kids.

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